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This site is the hub of my social media activities.

As a physician, author, speaker, blogger and volunteer I meet many folks every day.  Some have serious health problems and seek medical advice.  Others lack health insurance coverage or seek to share their grief.

On this site you find links to my books, blogs, and pictures.

I have been in combat in the Middle East (and was injured by enemy fire).  I trekked the jungle of Central America (and lost my way); I participated in archeological digs that discovered Chalcolithic treasures in the Judean Desert (four thousand years old). I spent good times in Alaska and fabulous times in my farm house in Michigan. When in Chicago, I mingled among restive crowds demonstrating in the streets of the city. I saw the classic art treasures of Europe, the poverty of the Ukraine, (where my ancestors came from) and I collect Bibles.

Nonetheless, I continue to treat patients with diabetes and diabetic complications.

Take a tour around this site, check out pictures and read my blogs or read about my books.

I appreciate your interest and time you take to visit here.

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